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Sustainable corporate strategy

First question is: is sustainability a part of your company strategy? If no: why not? If yes, what are the implications for your operations, for your employees, for your whole production chain? When are you going to be energy-neutral, CO2-neutral, circular? 2010? 2030? 2014? We will not help you to develop a new company strategy, but to add sustainability as a premium part to your current strategy, bottom up with the employees and with your chain-supliers and -clients. Not to reduce CO-emissions with 2%, but how to become CO2-neutral?

Sustainable Building Advice

We are always interested to help you to (re)develop your building to a energy-neutral or even (renewable) energy-producing building. To help you to get familiar with the newest techniques to make your building all-electric and energy-producing. We have the knowledge, network and experience to realise the project or to help you realize it. We examples and work according to the people, planet, profit principals.

Sustainable projectdeveloper

We are always interested to develop our own projects by the PPP-principals: people, planet profit. We know solid investors with eye for the planet. We are not interested in the highest return on investment, but in a fair share for all partners in the projects we work on. We do believe in sustainable profits in sustainable projects: our buildings are flexible, with the best materials for the building as well as for the planet. With a long term life-cycle, re-use of materials and all-electric energy-producers. Come and take a look. We are always happy to share our knowledge.

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