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“VDH-RE is excellent in giving new life to old buildings, bringing in new ideas into project development, and make it to realization. They are not aiming at maximizing their fiancial benefits, but they are easy to work with and Piet is one of the few who is really trying to implify the people, planet, profit priciples into buildings and projects We love to finance such projects.” (Arna Notten, accountmanager Triodos Bank)


During the period 2008-2014 many RE-developers got into trouble, caused by high-risk projects, high overhead and lack of attention to cash flow. Investors and corporations have a stable existence. Hence, in the current market, the small companies are successful if they can decide fast, cooperate in chains and focus on niche-markets (sustainable development, energy-neutral, CO2-neutral, circular economy). Indeed, there are still millions m2 unused spaces and there is still a huge housing shortage, the task is enormous. Energy is expensive, but the sun is for free, let's work on that and redevelop with eye for the planet.


I firmly believe that success in construction depends on a good partnership. For decades, there was "a struggle-culture" in building-business, resulting in failure costs and inefficiencies. While good cooperation of all chain partners is based on trust, with a good balance of people, planet, profit and a fair share for everyone. That’s why we prefer working with a small selection of chain-supliers and -partners.

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